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#TruthvsMyth: Scribe Tribe Visits Alkebu-lan Village for its Youth Program Writing Workshop

Students at Alkebu-lan Village bring an energy and ferverence that is beyond contagious―an energy one would not expect after a regular school day. But every Tuesday and Thursday these youth, hailing from some of the city's most renowned schools, are eager to be here in The Village. Full of vibrance and vitality, we were able to have an interesting discussion about the truths and myths about the city of Detroit.

Kiwi popsicle

During our talk of what is and what isn't, students shared their persepctives on what they believed was true about the city where they live―from artists and musicians who claim their roots are genuinely city bred, to the names and monachers by which the city of Detroit is known.

#alkebulanvillage #writingworkshop #onsitetutoring

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